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mjlims's Journal

Michael Jackson Last Icon Maker Standing
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A Michael Jackson LIMS contest community
Michael Jackson
Welcome to mjlims. This last icon maker standing contest is dedicated to the amazing Michael Jackson. This is a community where you sign up to participate in a contest kind of like Survivor but with icon makers. Each week, members will vote off their least favourite icon until there is only the last icon maker standing.

You must be a member to sign up for a session. When submitting icons, make sure they are made especially for this community. They are not to be posted anywhere else until the challenge is over. Like any icon challenge, your icon needs to be 100x100 pixels and 40kb (or smaller) in size. When submitting your entry, post your icon in image and url form. Example:


You are given one skip upon signing up. You can earn extra skips by promoting this community. Instructions on how to do so will be on the sign up page.

As for voting, anyone can vote! For participants, you cannot vote for or against yourself. However, to be eligible for people's choice or other special awards, you must vote. When voting, you must provide a reason for your selections. If you need some guidance on how to do so, here's a great guide.

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